Single beds are the best possible option for small bedrooms. Whether you have older children or you are a single sleeper, a single-size bed can offer many advantages. It can also be so stylish and chic that it can do wonders for your bedroom. Of course, comfort and cosiness are guaranteed.

Single beds are 3 feet wide and 6 feet and 3 inches long, or 91 cm wide and 190 cm long. Their biggest advantage is they help you save plenty of space in your room and can fit into tiny bedrooms. There’s even one smaller option – a small single bed, that’s 75 cm wide.

Even though everyone’s first thought is ‘’single beds are for children’’, that’s not always the case. They are very much suitable for adults, for example for a relative or guests that stop by for one night. You can also decorate your bedroom with a single-size bed if you want to maximise your space. 

Single beds come in different designs and styles, which means you can easily incorporate them as a centrepiece of your bedroom. Just like larger beds, they can also have storage underneath the mattress, because of which you’ll get the maximum out of your room and be able to decorate the rest of it with other furniture. 

We offer a wide range of single beds – from Art Deco and Chesterfield to Divan and Wing single beds. It’s all up to you and your personal style!

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