Timeless style, practicality, space-saving and luxury – this is what comes with a king-size bed. 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long, or 150 cm wide and 200 cm long, king-size beds are several inches wider and longer than double beds. However, make sure you’re aware of the fact that adding a headboard or a footboard could mean larger dimensions. Because of that, they are considered to be a really luxurious sleeping space.

One of the biggest questions when it comes to king size beds is the minimum size of the room. Generally speaking, any room with more than 400 cm in width should be more than enough to accommodate both a king-size bed and other bedroom furniture.

When planning on buying a king-size bed, you need to have all the necessary dimensions. For example, a Divan king size bed is probably going to take more space than an Ottoman, as the latter has a liftable base, while a Divan requires more side space.

King size beds are perfect for any sleeping position, as they offer enough room for two people to sleep luxuriously. Another great advantage of these beds is their length. Sleeping in a traditional bed is a real struggle for tall people, while in a king-size bed they can really sleep like a king. 

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